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Any fan art with couples relating to Yours Mine & Ours.


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To All My Friends and Watchers

I am going back into the hospital to receive a surgery that may help my Myasthenia Gravis. It is a major surgery that involves removing my thymus. There are two ways of completing the surgery, one involves going in from the sides, the other involves cracking open the sternum. I won't know which I received until I wake up because it all depends on how the surgeons do while I am under anathetics.

The surgery is schedules for October 7th

After I wake up I will be unable to use my arms properly for at least a week and the recovery and therapy will take between one and three months, depending on the type of surgery and how I recover. I may be able to play online a little bit, but I also may be drugged out on the pain medication they will be giving me.

Currently, I am preparing for the surgery by getting everything covered from re-arranging my room in a more convenient way to purchasing easily removable pajamas. I even wanted to cover a little holiday shopping, just in case, since I won't be able to drive until I am fully healed.

I want to thank all my friends for your support. Email me at at anytime. I appreciate the well-wishes and prayers. I really want to thank everyone who has been with me this long. I hope that my health will finally be under control after ten years of struggling.

:heart: Luffy-Kun

This is Yours, Mine, & Ours! A fanfiction written by deviant Luffy-Kun. Instead of posting it in her own account, she decided to be kitchy and make a separate account. Welcome!

:bulletpink: *~*AUTHOR*~* :bulletpink:


:star: Naruto © Mashashi Kishimoto :star:

:bulletpurple: *~*LINKS*~* :bulletpurple:

FanFiction Account
Adult FanFiction Account
deviantART account

:bulletorange: *~*SUMMARY*~* :bulletorange:

Naruto is back in town, one problem, has no place to live! Well, he HAD no place to live until Ino suggested that he move in with her! When Sakura arrives back from a mission with Kakashi and Sasuke and hears about the living situation. Is that jealousy, Sakura-Chan?

:bulletgreen: *~*PAIRINGS*~* :bulletgreen:

Naruto x Sakura
Naruto x Ino
Sasuke x Temari
Kiba x Hinata
Chouji x Ayame
Kakashi x Iruka
Gaara x Lee
Konohamaru x Moegi

:bulletred: *~*WARNINGS*~* :bulletred:

This fiction is rated M due to language and mature content. There is no actual sex but a lot of mature situations. There are a few homosexual couples. Flaming will not be tolerated.

:bulletblue: *~*AFFILIATES*~* :bulletblue:

Thanks for reading!


Courtney Dracon
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
:bulletpink::bulletred: :iconluffy-kun: :bulletred::bulletpink:

I created this account to post my story "Yours, Mine , & Ours" and get feedback.

++ Name ++

Courtney "Luffy" Dracon

++ Birthday ++

April 12, 1991

++ Orientation ++

Bisexual - Seme

++ Likes ++

Matthew Gray Gubler | Acting | Drawing | Writing | Anime & Manga | Shipping | Yaoi & Yuri | Het | Smut & Hentai | BDSM | Feminism | Brian Patrick

++ Dislikes ++

SasuSaku & NaruHina | Homophoia & Heterophobia | Racism | Sexism | Rape | Religious Zealots | Sparkly Vampires

++This Story Contains ++

Naruto x Sakura | Naruto x Ino | Sasuke x Temari| Kiba x Hinata | Chouji x Ayame | Kakashi x Iruka | Gaara x Lee

++ Other Accounts ++


++ Outside Links ++

Hentai Foundry
FanArt Central

:iconbigheartplz: :icondemihero: :iconbigheartplz:

Current Residence: Ohio
Favourite Genre of Music: All Types
Favourite Style of Art: Anime
Operating System: Lamaar (Laptop)
MP3 Player of Choice: Christophe (iPod video)
Shell of Choice: Hermit Crab
Wallpaper of Choice: SakuNaruIno Lovin'
Skin of Choice: Shino's
Favourite Cartoon Character: Haruno Sakura & Yamanaka Ino
Personal Quote: (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

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